NAICS 611610 Fine Arts Schools

NAICS Code: 611610

Code Title: Fine Arts Schools

Code Sector: 61 - Educational Services

NAICS 611610 Fine Arts Schools Description

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in offering instruction in the arts, including dance, art, drama, and music.

Illustrative Examples

Art (except commercial and graphic) instruction Music instruction (e.g., piano, guitar) Dance instructionMusic schools (except academic) Dance studiosPerforming arts schools (except academic) Drama schools (except academic) Photography schools (except commercial photography) Fine arts schools (except academic)

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in--
  • Establishments offering high school diplomas or academic degrees (i.e., even if they specialize in fine arts) are classified elsewhere in this subsector according to the type of school;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in offering courses in commercial and graphic arts and commercial photography are classified in U.S. Industry 611519, Other Technical and Trade Schools.

Alternate Titles

  • Art (except commercial or graphic) instruction
  • Art schools (except academic), fine
  • Ballet schools (except academic)
  • Ceramics instruction
  • Conservatory of music (except academic)
  • Dance instruction
  • Dance schools
  • Dance studios
  • Drama schools (except academic)
  • Fine arts schools (except academic)
  • Handicrafts instruction
  • Music instruction (e.g., guitar, piano)
  • Music schools (except academic)
  • Painting instruction
  • Performing arts schools (except academic)
  • Photography schools, art
  • Schools, drama (except academic)
  • Schools, music (except academic)
  • Sculpture instruction
  • Singing instruction
  • Theater schools
  • Voice instruction

NAICS 611610 Crosswalk

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Crosswalk between the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities Code Revision 4.0 --

  • ISIC 8542 - Cultural education