NAICS 238130 Framing Contractors

NAICS Code: 238130

Code Title: Framing Contractors

Code Sector: 23 - Construction

NAICS 238130 Framing Contractors Description

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in structural framing and sheathing using materials other than structural steel or concrete. The work performed may include new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs.

Illustrative Examples

Building framing (except structural steel) Post frame contractors Foundation, building, wood, contractors Steel framing contractors Framing contractors Wood frame component (e.g., truss) fabrication on site

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in--
  • Finish carpentry--are classified in Industry 238350, Finish Carpentry Contractors;
  • Installing structural steel, precast concrete framing, or structural elements--are classified in Industry 238120, Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors.

Alternate Titles

  • Building framing (except structural steel)
  • Carpentry, framing
  • Ceiling beam, wood, installation
  • Foundation, building, wood, contractors
  • Framework, house, contractors
  • Framing contractors
  • House framing
  • Permanent wood foundation installation
  • Post framing contractors
  • Prefabricated wood frame component (e.g., trusses) installation
  • Roof truss (wood) installation
  • Sheathing, wood, installation
  • Steel framing contractors
  • Stud wall (e.g., wood, steel) installation
  • Wall component (i.e., exterior, interior), prefabricated, installation
  • Wood frame component (e.g., truss) fabrication on site

NAICS 238130 Crosswalk

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  • ISIC 4390 - Other specialized construction activities