SIC 1222 Bituminous Coal Underground Mining

SIC Code: 1222

Code Title: Bituminous Coal Underground Mining

Code Division: B - Mining

SIC 1222 Bituminous Coal Underground Mining Description

Establishments primarily engaged in producing bituminous coal in underground mines or in developing bituminous coal underground mines. This industry includes underground mining by owners or lessees or by establishments which have complete responsibility for operating bituminous coal underground mines for others on a contract or fee basis. Bituminous coal preparation plants performing such activities as cleaning, crushing, screening or sizing are included if operated in conjunction with a mine. Independent bituminous coal preparation plants are classified in Industry 1221.

  • Coal mining, bituminous-underground
  • Hard coal underground mining, except Pennsylvania anthracite
  • Semianthracite mining-underground
  • Semibituminous coal underground mining
  • Subbituminous coal underground mining